Our Team


Patricia Saulis
Executive Director


Georgina Craig
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Aruna Jayawardane, PhD.
Science Director

Our Science Director seeks to educate our youth/community members in conservation science.  Aruna is very interested in developing opportunities to promote science careers among Maliseet youth. He is planning to educate Maliseet youth about environment, nature and watershed management through summer science camp and other training programs to provide the background for youths and community members to become more engaged in the environmental issues facing our people today. Aruna is currently gathering Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge (ATK) of Maliseet Elders and knowledge holders that are important for recovery of wildlife species listed under Species at Risk Act (SARA). He is also conducting a project to develop an ATK data repository at MNCC.

Cory Francis
Commercial Fisheries Liaison

The AICFI (Aboriginal Integrated Commercial Fishery Initiative) The AICFI program has four main components;

  • Enterprise Governance Enhancement
  • Management Practice Enhancement
  • Fisheries Co-Management Capacity Building
  • Commercial Fisheries Diversification

A description of each can be found here.